ES Collection History

In 1958 the families Suñer and Busquets founded a textile company and has thrived ever since. However, after the passing of both founders, under the leadership of the founders two sons, the textile company made a drastic turn of events and decided to dedicate its attention to the male clients, specifically the gay community.

In 2006 the brand •ES•Collection was ‚erected‘ and has been ever since a huge success in gay fashion. Although the brand is considered exclusive, indeed thought to be somewhat expensive, it has over the years been a huge bestseller even reaching the straight man too. Having said that it‘s an expensive brand, but bear in mind that it‘s created and made in Barcelona, the textiles come from within Europe, as in Italy, France and Spain and the quality is of the highest level. Thus you have all the ingredients for an exclusive brand made for the quality expecting customer. The result is a brand of certain status and an absolute leader in the gay market. The clothing is casual wear, fitness wear, swimwear, underwear etc.etc.

A leader it became as well thanks to the many inventions this and other brands within this textile empire created.
For example •ES•Collection was the inventor of the Padded swimwear, eliminating the ‚sausage-look‘ you would have in regular swimwear e.g. when just emerging from the water. It displayed an attractive looking ‚package‘ too...

It was also under their leadership that •ES•Collection came with molded textile, eliminating uncomfortable stitching and a more than comfortable fit for the male attributes. And than there was the U-Shape technology, and of course the Push-Up technology. All these inventions together with the magnificent creations and the highest quality standards, made the company, after several years with additional brands, the true pioneers in the industry.


A couple of years after the launch of •ES•Collection, Addicted was born in 2009 and in 2017 ADFetish saw the light. Both brands followed in their big brothers footsteps and became, in their own name, world leaders; a true phenomena. Nowadays, everywhere you look, whether in the streets, at a pool, on a beach, in a gym or while partying, these brands are abundantly present and this thanks to the support and love they receive from their fans and the trust and confidence they put in these brands.

12 years ago, in the trendy area Eixample, Carrer del Consell de Cent, 218 in Barcelona the flag-store of •ES•Collection opened its doors and ever since it has been the place to go to for the latest creations of this designer wear. Several stores followed in Madrid, Valencia, Sitges and Ibiza and many franchise stores or store-in-stores and the online shops saw the light of day too and now •ES•Collection and it‘s brother brands are represented -literally- world wide.

ES Collection
Addicted · ADFetish
Consell de Cent 218     
08011 Barcelona/Spain